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We offer expert consultancy services to help our clients ensure they are dealing with all of their waste efficiently and legally. For full details of our services, call our experts today.

The security of clients is essential to our company. Our staff are highly trained to deal with day to day waste handling procedures. It is equally crucial that you ensure that our clients are satisfactorily trained too. We prepare our clients on the impact which waste procedures might have on their staff and what processes they might need to follow.

Our assortment of training courses include:

Spill Response Training

Thought to equip your company with skills to minimise risk to personnel as well as the environment, this course is made up of comprehensive three section session. It covers:

Laws and regulatory bodies
Spill risk decrease via Environmental Management System
Identification of materials
Forms of spillages
Remedial activities
Drainage systems and Interceptors
On site risk assessment
Environmental effects
Practical — demonstration
Practical — spillage exercise
Practical — spillage drainage systems
Training within our customer’s websites:

Our clients have identified a need to prepare their own staff to make sure they have knowledge on environmental consciousness. This knowledge can empower staff to become involved and take responsibility for their company’s effect on the environment.

We are pleased to offer training courses tailored to our customers’ requirements.

Waste Comprehension and Duty of Care

This course intends to give attendees a broad comprehension of what waste is, where it goes and the processes called for. Perfect for all those about to undertake a new contract with Derby Waste Management, this training is ideal as an introduction to waste management.

This course covers:

Environmental protection act
Specific waste regulations
Specific waste
Waste descriptions
EWC codes
Waste carriers enrollment
Duty of care documentation
UN packaging requirements
Monitoring waste compliance problems
Environmental Awareness Training:

The Environmental, or EMS, refers to the management and implementation of an organisation’s environmental protection policies. So as your organisation can help enhance its efficiency and environmental performance, Derby Waste Management offers an all inclusive course to aid with your organisation’s waste management procedures.

This course covers:

Specific waste regulations
Recycling strategies
Waste awareness
Bund management
Interceptor consciousness
Waste Segregation
Duty of Care

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