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Our shredding services ensures all of your confidential paper waste is destroyed safely, ensuring you never put yourself at risk of fraud. For a free quote on our cost-effective solutions, call our friendly experts today.

For waste paper needing PRIVATE SHREDDING, we provide you with unique bags, each with a tamper-apparent tie. When you have filled and sealed each sack, we collect them using a closed carton vehicle, and shred the contents at our premises.

The shredded paper is sent for recycling to be pulped at a paper mill. Certificates of Destruction are furnished with the invoice. There is a price of 5.50 VAT per sack and 16 VAT collection fee up to 10 bags. Free collection if 10 bags or over. Bags are approx 50cm x 90cm, made of powerful woven polypropylene and are reusable.

Instead we can supply 240 litre wheeled bins these can be a basic red bin or with a slot in the top and provision for a link/lock on the very front of the bin. The shredding charge per bin is 20 VAT and 16 VAT collection fee for 1-2 bins. Free collection for 3 or more bins. Smaller 120l bins are available at 10 VAT.

We are happy to shred little quantities from home run companies, or private records when you are moving house/changing circumstances. Just call with your requirements and we will do our best to help you

Bags must not be overfilled and ought to weigh up to 15 kilos. They ought to be tied with one cable tie in the middle of the sack. The picture shows an overfilled sack on the left weighing approx 30 kilos, along with a correctly filled sack on the proper weighing approx 15 kilos.

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