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We work throughout Derby and its vicinity to offer companies and organisations comprehensive plastic waste recycling solutions. To make your business cut costs and save money, call our staff today on 01332 916 220. We are here for all of your plastic waste recycling solutions. Besides providing regular waste removal services, Derby Waste Management offers a lot more.

Derby Waste Management designs waste management strategies that increase resource recovery and minimise waste to landfill, as well as demonstrating a proven track record of excellent customer service. We focused on reducing waste materials and creatively repurposing 100 per cent of resources into commodities, adhering to the waste hierarchy principles. We will also provide you with free bins, our quotes are also quick and non-binding to you. 

What is Plastic Waste? 

Plastics made from fossil fuels have only been around for a century. Following WWII, the production and creation of thousands of new plastic goods skyrocketed, altering the modern era to the point that living without plastics would be unrecognizable today. Plastics changed medicine with life-saving gadgets, enabled space exploration, lightened vehicles and aircraft, reducing fuel use and pollution, and saved lives with helmets, incubators, and equipment for safe drinking water.

Plastics have been a boon to convenience, but they’ve also been a bane for the environment, and a throw-away culture makes up 40% of plastic produced every year. This throws away culture is the reason we have so much plastic waste. Plastic bags and food wrappers, for example, have a short lifespan, but they can exist in the environment for hundreds of years, piling up as waste. Oceans are polluted with about 8 million tons of plastic waste every year from coastal countries.

Plastic Waste Recycling Derby 

There are numerous advantages to recycling plastic. You may contribute to the preservation of the environment by recycling plastic. There are numerous environmental advantages to products created from recycled plastics and other materials. Plastic recycling also reduces the number of raw materials used, the amount of water used, and the amount of energy used.  

Considering recycling your plastic waste might save you money if you own a company. As plastic recycling is more cost-effective than regular waste disposal, recycling can reduce plastic waste transportation to landfills and drastically reduce your waste disposal costs. Below are the steps involved in plastic waste recycling:

Collection: The collection of plastic waste recycling institutions is the initial step in the mechanical recycling process. 

Sorting: Sorting is the next step in the plastic recycling process. There are various different forms of plastic that recyclers must separate from one another. Plastics can also be classified based on their colour, thickness, and intended usage. This is done in the recycling facility by machines and is a key step in increasing plant efficiency and avoiding contamination of end goods.

Washing: Washing is an important stage in the plastic recycling process because it removes contaminants that might stymie the process or even damage a batch of recycled plastic. Impurities such as product labels and adhesives, as well as dirt and food residue, are typically targeted in this stage.

Shredding: After that, the plastic is sent into shredders, which shred it into considerably smaller pieces. Unlike formed plastic items, these smaller bits can be processed for reuse in subsequent phases. The resized plastic fragments can also be used in various applications without further processing, such as as an asphalt additive or simply sold as a raw material.

Making new plastic: The shredded plastic particles are turned into a viable product for manufacturers in this final step of the plastic recycling process. To make pellets, the shredded plastic is melted and mashed together. Because it is not always possible to compound all types, classifications, and quality of plastic at a single facility, various grades of plastic are frequently shipped to other recycling facilities for this last stage.

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