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Derby Wood Waste Recycling

We offer a host of recycling services to our clients across Derby, including wood recycling services. Just call our team today for all the information you need on our cost-effective recycling solutions.

We recycle all types of non-dangerous woods

All soft and hard woods, pallet away-cuts, cartons, packing cases, floorboards, chipboard and OSB, plywood, melamine, laminates, MDF and hardboard.

Let us help you Improve your environmental image and functionality by providing an easy service, reaching 100% recycling and recovery. This helps to minimise your environmental impact and reduces your waste management costs.

Your wood waste is a wood resource to us.

At Derby Waste Management, nothing is squandered utilising and investing in the very latest technologies accessible in turning non hazardous waste wood into biomass, alternative fuels, heat & electricity, bedding products and fibre board.

The total wood recycling and recovery solution saves you time and money. With our facilities and collection fleet, waste wood may be collected or delivered to our site at times that suit the customer. The right container in the proper place in the proper time. Scheduled or call off services collections and exchanges tailored to the customers’ needs.

Please note: CCA (Copper Chrome and Arsenate) and other dangerous lumbers can’t be accepted (eg: railway sleepers and utility poles).

UK service area

Our collection fleet of over 60 vehicles, provides a full range of waste containers, including all dumpster sizes, roro’s, curtain siders, tippers and walking floorings.

Traceability and audit trails are everything in this very day and age, and this is key to our management system.

All wood is processed and fully recovered on our websites. CHP producing heat and 3 MW of renewable electricity that’s exported to the local grid. It’s our policy to enhance our environment by reducing the reliance on fossil fuel for energy.

Why recycle waste wood?

Minimise your costs.
Utilising our services & facilities, you can prevent landfills, saving you money – “no landfill tax”.
Increase your productivity & efficiency.
Tailored services to meet your needs.
Improve resource efficiency and help lower your carbon footprint.
Improve your environmental image & functionality.
100% recycling & recovery helps minimise your environmental impact.
Save resources.
Maximise recycling & recovery.

Why select Derby Waste Management?

Complete solution and service back up.
Sustainable outlets and processes.
Closed loop recovery & carbon off setting.
Increased energy security, sustainability and affordability through the creation of green energy and heat.
Total duty of care and audit trail.
Fully licenced and permitted facilities.

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